The Japanese restaurant Little Rock has been waiting for

Kemuri is the most creative restaurant to hit the Little Rock scene in decades! Kemuri is not just a sushi lover's paradise, but a full scale restaurant serving some of the most exciting and delicious dishes that Arkansas has ever seen and at a level you would expect to find in New York, Tokyo, and LA. It has some of the freshest and tastiest seafood and smoked meats you will find anywhere. Located at the top of Hillcrest, Kemuri specializes in providing guests the ultimate dining experience. From tantalizing ingredients, to our unique grilling methods and sauces, we are able to give guests a full spectrum of flavors that allow them to have a selection of unconventional recipes. At the heart of the kitchen is Chef Greg Wallis, the master crafter behind our dishes. Also featured is the extraordinary sushi creations of Chef Alex from our sister restaurant, Ocean's, in West Little Rock. With years of experience and talents of our chefs, ranging from all areas of culinary arts, Kemuri is taking the dining experience in the Little Rock area to a new and unexplored level. The ambiance and flavor of the restaurant measures up to its exclusive and highly regarded dishes. But do not take our word for it, come and try for yourself. We look forward to serving you.


Robata is a traditional japanese style grilling which originated in Northern Japan by fishermen who slowly cooked their catches over coal boxes. Translated it means fireside cooking. The grill is heated by hot coals and kept at a perfect temperature while basting the finest meats, seafood, and vegetables.


From our house special Ceviche to our Hamachi tartar, and our Black Cod, all of our seafood is flown in fresh and the range of flavors we prepare our catches will surprise even the biggest seafood connoisseurs.


We stand by our statement that our sushi is the best and most versatile in all of Little Rock, known throughout the area as Alex’s signature sushi. Our rolls run from traditional to extraordinary, come try our Crazy Monkey, Mummy Roll, or just some good ole sashimi.